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As the largest intelligence and technology led security business in the UK, we have experts from a range of relevant backgrounds, including the police, military and business crime.

Emma Shaw

Director of Mitie Intelligence Services

Emma started her career in the Royal Military Police and later moved to the Ministry of Defence before founding Esoteric Ltd, a global specialist counter-espionage and TSCM provider and consultancy, in 1998.

An MBA graduate, Emma is a woman of many firsts, including the first military police woman to serve in the United Nations and the first female Chartered Security Professional (CSyP). She was also the first female Chair of the Security Institute, and the first and inaugural Chair of the Security Commonwealth. She has won numerous awards, including ‘Security Consultant of the Year’ at the Security Excellence Awards 2012 and the Mervyn David Award by ASIS UK, and is an active participant in the development of industry standards and best practice techniques for technical security countermeasures including Skills for Security National Occupational Standards and National Security Inspectorate Codes of Practice.

Emma’s involvement with the security profession covers numerous sectors and she interacts with security professionals in various capacities. Emma is currently Board Director of Defence Industry Security Association (DISA) and Council Member for City and Security Resilience Networks (CSARN). She is also a Trustee and member of the Board of the City of London Crime Prevention Association (ColCPA) and Deputy Chair of the UK TINYg (Terrorist Information Network) Advisory Council. Emma is also a Non-Executive Director of Cyber Security Challenge UK and Falanx Group Ltd.

Helen Hyman

Head of Retail Intelligence

Award winning Security Operations Manager with a passion for intelligence and Crime Analysis.  Currently running an industry leading Intelligence-led security operations centre for a major high street retailer. Also leading and developing crime & intelligence teams for several other retail clients, acting as a consult and subject matter expert to clients wanting to expand into this field.  10 years’ experience as a Senior Crime and Intelligence Analyst within Policing/Law Enforcement environment.  Member of first Thames Valley Police Talent Management Cohort (by recommendation), due to ‘strategic vision’ and ability to influence, implement and manage key projects.

Key areas of expertise: Intelligence-led deployment of security resources, Critical Incident Response, Project managing implementation of specialist software, developing training and induction programmes for analysts, Strategic and Tactical Analysis, Performance Analysis, and supporting Major Crime and Serious Incident investigations.  Leading data-sharing projects between private and public sector organisations.

Specialist skills: Organised Crime Group Mapping, Complex Network Analysis, Serious and Acquisitive Crime Analysis, Interpretation of Telecoms data, Open-source Intelligence and internet investigation techniques, (with a focus on Activism and Domestic Extremism), GIS mapping, Crime Pattern Analysis, Comparative Case Analysis and Geographic Offender Profiling.

Barrie Millett

Director of Assurance

Barrie has extensive experience of developing, implementing and operating security and broader resilience strategies across the globe for International organisations such as GE and E.ON.

Barrie started his career as a Royal Marine serving with 40 Commando RM and HQ Commando Forces. In addition to his corporate roles, he has also operated as a Security and Crisis Management consultant across the globe. He has designed and implemented integrated security solutions for a range sectors including, finance, telecommunications, hotels and the critical national infrastructure. An early adopter of convergence having successfully developed an integrated approach to both cyber and physical security programs.

A proven Crisis Manager, having successfully lead corporate response to; terrorist attacks in multiple countries, repatriated personnel from conflict zones, state sponsored and ransomware cyber-attacks, fatalities and violent protestor attacks.

He is also West Midlands Chairman for The Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications – CSSC, and a true advocate of public – private partnership working.

Honorary Life Vice President of ASIS Int UK Chapter.

Ian Carter

Group Head of Risk

Ian is a former Chief Police Officer with the Metropolitan Police with over 30 years’ service in both detective and operations departments. For the last five years of his service his roles focused on Operational Policing and Counter Terrorism and was the Director of Protective Security and Aviation Security. He is a highly experienced Gold Commander.

He had several strategic national security responsibilities including NaCTSO, the Police International Counter Terrorism Unit, the Metropolitan Police Security Co-ordinators and was the Counter Terrorism lead for the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games until leaving the police in 2008. He also had the responsibility for the police officers seconded to JTAC, represented policing on the JTAC Oversight Group, as well as being a member of the CPNI Steering Team through its creation and then Strategy Group when operating. He also sat on the National CT PROTECT Board.

Since leaving the police he has had a consulting, advisory and professional services career working for PA Consulting, McKinsey & Co. and Deloitte. He joined Mitie in 2017 and is the Managing Director of Risk, Corporate Security and Assurance Services under the title Group Head of Risk.

Richard Trussler

Head of IT

Zero parts dancer, two parts geek and three parts dad to my two beautiful daughters. Passionate about programming and technology in all its guises. Background in project management and data security. Thrive on making the seemingly impossible possible to develop products that make a difference and provide value. Twenty years industry experience within the IT sector in a Corporate environment with a broad spectrum of knowledge spanning numerous technologies.

Ian Mansfield M.B.E

Business Security Advisor

Ian spent the last 17 years of a 32-year police career working in protective security, advising business partners on how to protect their staff and property from terrorist attack and protestor activity. This helped Ian to build an extensive network of trusted partner contacts, which to this day has helped him to continue to work in this specialist area on retirement from the police. Ian provides specialist strategic and tactical advice to businesses teams and supports them in dealing with any reactive or proactive issues.

Daniel Webb

Director of Intelligence

Daniel’s experience and knowledge is taken from a career in security and intelligence.  As a member of the Intelligence Corps, British Army, he specialised across the spectrum of counter-terrorism and counter espionage.  After leaving the military he became a security consultant, working alongside national law and government departments to deliver specialised security advice and guidance as well as managing security transformation projects.  He has been part of Mitie’s Group Risk team for the last two years and he has been a key part of developing the COVID-19 response and recovery strategy.

Joey Hills

Head of Intelligence

A multi-disciplined career intelligence professional, with experience across specialist government, military and private sectors. Joey has expertise in building intelligence capabilities at pace and at a global scale, for high-profile customers.

Tom Courtice

Security Consultant

Thomas provides a wide range of security consultancy expertise to Mitie Global Security Operations on domestic and international projects. Most recently he consulted on and project managed international security reviews and wider security transformation project for large scale global clients.

In his previous role he spent five years developing a dedicated skill set in operations and project management across numerous multi-million-pound, national scale, defence, intelligence gathering and security training programmes in some of the most complex countries in which business operates.

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