Risk & Assurance

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Our Risk, Assurance, and Resilience team are experts in threat identification, developing suitable responses and producing recovery plans, ensuring your security solution is resilient and your business remains protected.

Risk Management & Consultancy

With the tools provided by our Intelligence Hub, Intelligence Technology and additional proactive intelligence gathering and analysis, Esoteric provides physical security risk reviews to assess a site’s security and provide recommendations to improve and enhance the security solution. Experienced in providing this service for new buildings, sites and refurbishments, Esoteric ensure defences, protocols and processes are sufficient for the risk profile, and can also provide ongoing reviews to incorporate recovery plans to aid in the site’s resilience and ensure security provisions meet the required standards.   Our risk and resilience consultants work with our customers’ key stakeholders to identify existing shortfalls and develop strategic solutions to ensure the security of people, assets and environments.  Adopting a holistic approach ensures that policies and procedures are fit for purpose, and by assessing and challenging the existing we can advise on the correct strategy and governance to have in place to protect your organisation in the face of current and emerging threats.

With highly experienced, qualified advisers and consultants trained as both generalists and in security specialisms, we have years of experience in assisting our customers across multiple disciplines and to meet various objectives.  Examples include market entry risk reports which are compiled to assist in assessing how a market should be entered, or how existing threats can be managed.  We can also provide cyber security assessments to help build a picture of digital security risks and how resilient cyber defences are to protect an organisation’s information and digitally held assets.

Assurance Managers

Assurance Managers are embedded resource, acting as critical advisors with access to the full breadth of Mitie Intelligence Services as well as wider resources across Mitie Security. Assurance Managers have a responsibility to not only be abreast of the most current security guidelines, standards, and regulations, but to also fully engage in a customer’s business, sector and community to promote those principles.  Through effective identification of risk, management strategies can be embedded into everyday security delivery, so not only is protection enhanced, but the likelihood and impact of a crisis is significantly reduced. This identification, planning and implementation is the service you can expect from a Mitie Security Assurance Manager.

Our Assurance Managers are the first to embed new government training initiatives, improved ways of working, innovative technologies and risk mitigation requirements to better service delivery and improve the protection afforded to their customer. All Assurance Managers are ASIS PSP qualified or have the security management experience of a minimum 10 years, with a proven capacity for security assurance design, development, and delivery. Certified in either risk management or protective security, all have previous experience in delivering standards auditing, intelligence operations and operational readiness exercises for public sector authorities.

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