Founded in a methodology derived from the trusted ‘Defence In Depth’ approach, Mitie Intelligence Services power our customers’ ability to adopt an intelligence-led approach to security, providing them with dynamic risk assurance through our Intelligence Hub, Intelligence Technology and specialist Esoteric division.

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Intelligence Hub

Our Intelligence Hub is the heart of our intelligence network and analysis capability, focused on providing our customers with actionable intelligence.

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Intelligence Technology

Our Intelligence Technology represents best-in-class threat-focused business intelligence.  Analysis, dissemination of information and automated tasking provides peace of mind that people, assets and environments are protected.

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Esoteric is our newly formed division specialised in TSCM, Risk, Assurance & Counter-Espionage (TRACE). Combining industry-leading expertise in risk management and mitigation, Esoteric deliver proportionate, effective protective measures which provide assurance and instil confidence.

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Our Methodology

To manage risk effectively, organisations need to adopt a cyclical approach and we believe this needs to be intelligence-led.

Our three service pillars are layered to support a six step process which should be regularly repeated for optimum success.

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