Our specialist Esoteric division focuses on evaluating and mitigating the risk posed to a customer’s people, assets and environments. Our TSCM, Risk, Assurance & Counter-Espionage (TRACE) services combine tailored consultancy offering holistic security advice and a range of intelligence-driven solutions to mitigate risks.

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Our founding expertise is in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), commonly referred to as bug sweeping. Using the latest equipment and physical search techniques, our engineers come from specialist government, military and police backgrounds with vast technical skill sets and profound experience in counter surveillance.

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Counter-Espionage Services

To effectively mitigate the espionage risk, Esoteric advises customers on layered defences combining technical, physical, cyber and personnel security controls for optimum protection and assurance.

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Risk & Assurance

Our risk and resilience consultants work with our customers’ key stakeholders to identify existing shortfalls and develop strategic solutions to ensure the security of people, assets and environments. Solutions include embedded Assurance Managers who oversee holistic risk management across a customer’s portfolio.

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Training, Scenario Testing & Live Exercising

Live exercises and scenario testing provide an opportunity to bring security teams up to date with the latest procedures, giving assurance that potential incidents will be handled effectively.

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