Training, Scenario Testing & Live Exercising

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To keep your security solutions robust and resilient, it is important to conduct regular training, scenario testing and live exercises, to bring your teams up to date with the latest procedures, test your organisation’s resilience and then identify any weaknesses and alter your processes, protocols or defences accordingly. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, focused on relevant potential incidents that would need to be managed.

Live Exercising & Scenario Testing

Live exercises can provide invaluable intelligence that helps you to identify gaps in your security processes or procedures that can be made more effective or efficient. Our live exercise specialists work with you to design and deliver appropriate scenarios to test your people and environments. We ensure that any test we undertake is proportional to your unique risk profile and the most relevant threat to your location, such as suspicious packages, protest action or terror related incidents.

Penetration Testing

Physical Penetration Testing is the practice of assessing the effectiveness of physical security processes and controls across an organisation’s business estate.

Using covert techniques, authorised attacks on buildings and offices are conducted to penetrate the physical security systems and identify vulnerabilities that could expose the organisation to a loss of sensitive information, unauthorised access to their networks, or even malicious activity.

Physical penetration testing can include activities such as attempting to enter a building to gain access to the C-Level suite or to infiltrate a data-centre, and then where possible to move within the building to examine security processes and security culture, testing the staff, manned guarding and technology resilience.


Esoteric provides a range of standard and bespoke training programmes to fulfil specific needs across the security function or wider organisation. Skilled at building custom training programmes incorporating e-learning, tabletop exercises, classroom-based and practical exercises, Esoteric also offers TSCM training to upskill security staff to be able to conduct physical inspections of your organisation, either as a standalone security measure or as an interim action to support regular TSCM surveys. Alternatively, we can equip you with the skills required to evaluate TSCM vulnerability reports.

For the wider organisation, Esoteric offers espionage awareness and threat briefings to provide attendees with a full understanding of the current threat from modern day espionage. Each briefing addresses the risks to the individual and the organisation from espionage, how espionage is conducted and by whom, and also provides practical mitigation techniques that should be implemented in order to protect against the threat of espionage.

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