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Esoteric advises layered security defences to form the most robust protection against the espionage threat. Adopting a range of cyber, physical, technical and personnel controls and countermeasures is the optimum strategy for organisations operating within the most sensitive sectors where espionage can cause the most damage. Indeed, the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure advises this approach for organisations facing national security threats, which includes espionage.

Esoteric can advise on the most appropriate range of defences according to a customer’s risk profile. Additional counter-espionage services alongside our TSCM surveys include:

Counter-Espionage Consultancy

Esoteric believe in identifying appropriate ways in which all areas of security might work together to achieve greater protection of your confidential information and conversations, whilst at the same time achieving cost savings and improved efficiencies for the business as a whole.

We will help you to identify what information needs to be protected, whether it is trade secrets, financial data, business plans or intellectual property, and consider how much protection you are able to provide given the risk, budgets and resources.

A typical review will include:

An initial risk assessment

This will give you greater awareness of the challenges that face your organisation, whether it is the threat from competitors, insiders or emerging technologies, and determine the relative importance of each of these risks. Esoteric’s experience and knowledge in the counter-espionage arena will ensure that all vulnerabilities, including current and future threats to your sensitive information, will be assessed.

Review of current security strategy

Once the threats to your organisation’s confidential information and conversations have been identified, we will review your current security strategies, policies, procedures and practices from a counter espionage and information security viewpoint. Our unified approach will ensure that physical, technical and logical security is thoroughly assessed.

Practical recommendations

The outcome of the review will be a set of practical recommendations that will help you to prioritise areas for future security facilitation and spend.

Shielded Environments

Esoteric advises and supports clients on the creation of shielded rooms and containers. Constructed to protect against a variety of threats, we work with strategic partners to design solutions that will contain or eliminate the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

All shielded room requirements are bespoke to the express needs of the client and can be built to various performance specifications. Our capabilities include RF (Radio Frequency) shielded rooms, anechoic chambers, EMPP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse Protected) facilities, magnetic field shielding and TEMPEST shielding. As well as advising on installation, Esoteric provides ongoing RF Attenuation testing of shielded rooms, secure rooms and faraday cages to ensure their ongoing effectiveness.

Electromagnetic Egress Reviews

Designed to lower your risk and make your organisation and its critical information more secure, Esoteric’s Electromagnetic Egress Security Review allows you to understand how vulnerable your premises are to loss of information or attack from opportunistic Radio Frequency (RF) interception.

In-Place Monitoring Systems

An In-Place Monitoring System (IPMS) enables the security and integrity of an organisation’s facilities to be monitored on a 24/7 basis and at scale. Integration into existing building security management systems allows IPMS to be monitored by security staffs who can call upon TSCM operators to conduct a ‘sweep’ where a threat has been identified.

TSCM Equipment

Esoteric advises and supports customers in the procurement of appropriate TSCM equipment that will support their countermeasures strategy. We take time to understand your requirements and suggest an appropriate selection of equipment that will suit your needs, your skills level and your budget. We work with a range of international TSCM equipment manufacturers.

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