Intelligence Network

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Our intelligence network utilises data, information and insights from a range of open and proprietary sources to provide timely actionable intelligence.

Intelligence Sources

Our Intelligence Hub team use a variety of open-source intelligence (OSINT) and proprietary sources, such as insights from our technology and convergence centre, Assurance Managers, frontline officers, industry collaborations and data-sharing relationships. An extensive intelligence network offers our customers assurance, and Mitie customers can benefit from our broad reach and collaborative approach through data-sharing agreements to access enhanced reliability and alert responsiveness.

Threat Monitoring

Our analyst team are experts at open-source intelligence gathering to quickly create a picture of the threat. Our team monitor threats including activism, protests, urban explorers (UrbEx); terrorism; business crime; major incidents and specific portfolio risks. Our team are adept at analysing particular geographies for customers to assess travel risks, as well as being able to undertake more detailed investigations to solve a particular issue or concern.

SOCs & Dedicated Resource

Operating dedicated Security Operations Centres (SOCs) and Crime Centres for our retail clients, Mitie monitors and responds to risks and threats on a national basis, across entire portfolios to identify crime patterns and trends affecting store operations.

For customers requiring a enhanced level of intelligence due to their risk profile, we support with dedicated resource within our Intelligence Hub.

Actionable Intelligence

With actionable intelligence in hand, we communicate in a real-time to key contacts and teams who need it via our Intelligence Hub App or in agreed messaging formats, as well as producing reports and trend analysis to amplify customer understanding of current and emerging threats. Our detailed intelligence reports (INTREPs) offer customers predictive insight on potential risks and threats that can be reviewed alongside their own risk profile and action as they deem necessary.

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